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Sunday, April 22, 2012
I am old enough to have been born in a time when there were 1.5 billion humans on planet Earth. There are about 7 billion of us dotting the planet today. Each of us eats, drinks, wears clothing, hopefully bathes occasionally, travels to and fro and generally consumes the Earth's resources. That's a pretty hefty increase in consumption just in my lifetime and just by population increase.

Few of us want to go back to living in caves. None of us can stop eating or drinking water. Most of us need to leave our dwellings and run the errands of our daily lives. However, if each of the 7 billion of us take one small step towards treating the only known habitable planet we know of in a more respectful manner. If each of us raises our Earth friendly conciousness just one notch......that's 7 billion steps towards making Mother Earth a less toxic place to reside. Seven billion collective steps is over 6 trips to the moon and back. That's a long long way toward sustainability and survivability for all of us.

We don't have to all live like monks or live a hippie lifestyle. There are simple sensable things each of us can and should do to show Mother Earth the repect she deserves:

-Combine those driving errands to expend less fossil fuel and reduce our carbon footprint. Walk for those shorter errands.
-Reuse when possible then recycle
-Don't run the water needlessly (grass is really pretty hardy and will withstand a little draught)
-Buy locally produced products when we reduces fossil fuels used.
-Turn off lights when we leave a room
-Consider organic materials in products and food we purchase (Hemp is a prime example) to reduce the release of chemical ferilizers and pesticides into the environment. 
-Let in the sunshine on cold sunny days. The sun heats amazingly well.
-Wear a sweater.....turn down the termostat in winter. Sweat just a little....turn down the air conditioner in the summer.
-Consider MPG's in a vehicle purchase as much as we consider slick styling.

There's thousands more little steps we can take. Some that are easy, painless and reatively unthought of.

Share some with us. We want to take more little steps!!!!

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