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Saturday, November 10, 2012
Wild Roots is a small, humble, family business. Like many today, we face lots of daily challenges. However, the challenges most of us face pale in comparison to those that are being faced by our brethren in the Northeast. Hurricane Sandy devastated their homes and property and has severely disrupted their lives. Some have lost everything and many require help getting their lives started again.

In the spirit of community, in the spirit of assisting our neighbors, in the true hippie spirit and despite each of our everyday struggles......we have been moved by all of the photos and stories posted of this devastation and feel compelled to help in some way.

In that spirit we will donate $2 to the American Red Cross from every bag and purse we sell on line from now until the end of December. They have been on the scene since the start and Red Cross resources will be exceedingly strained from helping our neighbors. To encourage you to help us help them......we will also offer you a 10% discount on our bags thru that same period. Simply use promo code "sandy60134" for your discount and we'll do the rest.

Whether you're buying for yourself or are looking for a unique holiday gift.....please assist us in giving a hand up to those neighbors who need us. Please share this with your friends and let's give all we can!!!!!!

Thank you & namaste


by: Wild Roots Geneva


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